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The Shy Mirror

by Gordon Robert Sabatier

Xavier Review Press

XAVIER REVIEW PRESS publishes scholarly and creative works in the arts and humanities. It has special interests in the American South, New Orleans, the Gulf and Caribbean sphere, African American culture, ethnography, and religion. 

The not-for-profit press, active since 1988, publishes one to two books a year, as well as Xavier Review.  Nicole Pepinster Greene is the Executive Editor. 

What will you find on the shelves of Xavier Review Press?

There are books of poetry and nonfiction. Short stories and criticism. 

You'll find a some books about late short story writer and essayist Andre Dubus, including a special issue of Xavier Review on both Dubus and his son, Andre II.

Those interested in African American culture, particularly as it pertains to the arts, may find some books published by Xavier Review Press worth noting.


What else?

  • A book of responses to late New Orleans poet Everette Maddox.
  • A volume on the free men of color cabinet makers of New Orleans. 
  • A book on Jean Toomer, and a book of essays on the work of Percival Everett.
  • An anthology celebrating 25 years of short fiction in Xavier Review.
  • Poetry, of course, from a variety of authors. 
  • And more! For a complete list, visit the XRP website.

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