Xavier Review, a journal of literature and culture, is the oldest American literary journal based at a historically Black university (HBU).  It was founded in 1980 by Charles Fort and Thomas Bonner, Jr., and produces two issues a year. 

Ralph Adamo, a poet who formerly manned the helm of New Orleans Review, is the editor.  

Xavier Review is published by Xavier Review Press, a small, not-for-profit university press that was established in 1993. Its editors are full-time faculty at Xavier University of Louisiana, a private university that has the distinction of being both Catholic and an historically Black university (HBU). The campus, which was established in the 1930s by its founder, St. Katharine Drexel, is located in the heart of New Orleans, in the old Gert Town neighborhood.

While Xavier is a Catholic university, the journal is not a religious publication. (Works based on religious themes, of course, are welcome.) And though Xavier is an HBU, we do not limit work to pieces by African American writers or about them.

Xavier Review prides itself on publishing works by both established writers and new voices. Flip through the pages and you will find fiction,  nonfiction, and poetry. 

You will also find the occasional interview with a featured writer as well as transcripts from speeches we find worthy of preserving. (For a list, check out our Authors Index on the website.)  

For those interested in submitting their work for consideration, please send it, preferably by way of email, to Mr. Adamo (radamo@xula.edu). Be sure to check out the guidelines (under 'Submit or Query'). But before that...take a look at our most recent issues, the links to which you will find on this site. 

For more information about Xavier Review or Xavier Review Press, please visit www.xula.edu/review. To subscribe, write to Managing Editor Katheryn Laborde (klaborde@xula.edu).

The works that appear in Xavier Review do not necessarily reflect the views of the University or its administration, faculty, staff, or students.
Xavier Review (the print journal) is designed and typeset by Dialogos. It is printed by Bookmasters.